Red Alicante  

It is a marble characterized by its reddish color and irregular compact white veins. This material perfectly complements interiors

with character and goes extremely well with whites and creams.

It is an extremely popular material that is used in all kinds of environments, from the most classic to the most avant-garde. It is a tried and tested material for use in spaces with personality and elegance.





  • Volumetric weight:                                                             2,71 grs/cm3

  • Coefficient of absorption:                                                               0,10%

  • Porosity:                                                                                           0,30%

  • Compression strength:                                                         965 kg/cm2

  • Flexure strength:                                                                     89 kg/cm2

  • C.Strength After Freezing Test:                                             856 kg/cm

  • Friction wear resistance:                                                           2,42 mm

  • Impact strength:                                                                              30 cm

  • Knoop microhardness:                                                        153 kg/mm2

Technical Specifications

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Rojo Alicante