Emperador Light

Macroscopic Description: This marble is a dolomitic limestone with light brown colour and breccial-look. No regular veins of calcite.


The most decisive of a material for coating, is its own weight (density) which will determine the allocation system. Likewise, in the lower area is also determining the impact resistance.




  • Volumetric weight:                                                             2.71 grs/cm3

  • Coefficient of absorption:                                                               2.13%

  • Porosity:                                                                                           0.77%

  • Compression strength:                                                        984 kg/cm2

  • Flexure strength:                                                                  197 kg/cm2

  • C.Strength After Freezing Test:                                           769kg/cm2

  • Friction wear resistance:                                                          3.22 mm

  • Impact strength:                                                                             45 cm

  • Knoop microhardness:                                                       157 kg/mm2

Technical Specifications

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Emperador Light