Dark Emperador 

This marble comes in a range of browns of different intensity with lighter veins. It is much appreciated for the simplicity and elegance it gives to spaces where it is used.

Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for creating sophisticated interiors and it is ideal for using with other materials such as wood or steel.





  • Volumetric weight:                                                             2.65 grs/cm3

  • Coefficient of absorption:                                                               0.40%

  • Porosity:                                                                                           1.20%

  • Compression strength:                                                     1.597 kg/cm2

  • Flexure strength:                                                                    21 kg/cm2

  • C.Strength After Freezing Test:                                       1.375 kg/cm2

  • Friction wear resistance:                                                          3.22 mm

  • Impact strength:                                                                             35 cm

  • Knoop microhardness:                                                       157 kg/mm2

Technical Specifications

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Dark Emperador