Crema Marfil

The world’s biggest working cream marble . Its chromatic richness, its shine, its unsurpassable physical qualities and resistance to impact, combined with a low coefficient of water absorption, make it the preferred choice for architects and interior designers when choosing this type of Natural Stone. This material can take any type of finish, including polished, which is particularly suitable for internal use on floors and walls due to the feeling of light it creates in a room. Honed and aged finishes are the best choices for exteriors.



  • Volumetric weight:                                                             2,70 grs/cm3

  • Coefficient of absorption:                                                               0,16%

  • Porosity:                                                                                             0,1%

  • Compression strength:                                                        683 kg/cm2

  • Flexure strength:                                                                    94 kg/cm2

  • C.Strength After Freezing Test:                                           691 kg/cm2

  • Friction wear resistance:                                                            5,2 mm

  • Impact strength:                                                                          37,5 cm

  • Knoop microhardness:                                                       181 kg/mm2

Technical Specifications

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Crema Marfil