Black Marquina

It is an intensely black marble. It usually has white veins which may be more or less obvious.

It is known for its great beauty and subtlety, and is always a winner in interior decoration when combined with white.







  • Aparent Density                                                                    2680 Kg/m3

  • Open porosity                                                                                     0.2%

  • Abrasion resistance. Wide wheel abrasion test (Capon)        21.5 mm

  • Water absorption at atmospheric pressure                                   0.1%

  • Flexural strenght under concentrated load                            14.4 Mpa

  • Frost resistance                                                                         Resistant

  • Breaking load at dowel hole                                                         2200 N

  • Slip resistance in dry conditions (SRV 'dry')                                       70

  • Slip resistance in wet conditions (SRV 'wet')                                     45


Technical Specifications

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Negro Marquina